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Helping us turn lives around

Gary Clark

Board member Gary is a Chaplain covering over 20 years of military service.  He currently serves as Chaplain with the 55th Combat Operations Stress Control.  Gary holds his Masters in Divinity as well as Masters in Theological Studies and a Bachelors in Business Administration.  Gary has received numerous military accommodations in his career and understands the culture of the Veterans Warrior 180 Foundation is striving to work with.  Gary’s civilian job is with Ford Motor Company in Indiana with 24 yrs of perfect attendance.  We are honored to have Gary on our board and appreciate the input that he offers as we move forward.

Jess Boyle

Jess recalls his father telling how empty he felt upon returning home from serving in the Korean War.  Not wanting any veteran to feel unwelcomed or unappreciated, Jess makes a special effort to greet those who have served our country, shake their hand and thank them for their sacrifice to make our 
country free.  After a 40-year career as an executive in the credit cardbusiness development and 
construction industry, Jess and his wife (of 39 years) recently retired to spend more time with family and 
friends.  Hplans to use his educational and vocation gifts to further help support Warrior 180 
expand their services and grow their donor base.  His love for the Lord is witnessed thru his service to 
his church, care for his family and his current calling to work in partnership with the Warrior 180 
Foundation to help prevent suicides. 

David Lilienthal

Board Member David is a parent of military personnel (two daughters and two son in laws) and he is keenly aware of the needs that Warrior 180 Foundation is working so hard to accomplish and in helping us with our mission of turning lives around.  David has an amazing business sense and always asks the hard questions.  David thinks ‘out of the box’ and carries an unbelievable can do attitude.  He is an amazing cheerleader – (but we don’t allow him to dress like one)! David brings a wealth knowledge and background (as well as a closet full of Hawaiian shirts), his background will most certainly help us as we move forward to build a physical facility.   David’s careers have been in pipe-fitting, construction and HVAC.

Casey Hodskins

Treasurer Warrior 180 Foundation Casey has a background in education and has been on the mission field many times serving in Haiti.  Her heart is simply HUGE, her love for children and those in pain runs over into every area of her life.  She is a very important contributor and team member for us.  Her enthusiasm for life is completely contagious as well as her sense of humor.  She is a people person and loves to stretch herself, Casey has been with us from day 1 as an unstoppable prayer warrior, prankster and lunch date!  Casey is a teacher with special needs students, loves sports of all kinds (ok, maybe not hockey) and she has a true heart for the Lord Jesus, missions and helping others.

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