…because not all wounds are visible

Turning lives around through the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ by providing help and hope to those who have served us in the military and first responders.  We come to walk along side of those who have served us and educate those who have not.

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Let's raise our hands to step in. Be the light, make a difference, share the hope and help those who are hurting. Call us if you don't know what to say or do! If each of us touches the lives of those in our circle, we can turn this around!! 866.225.5180

Women’s US Open Fundraising Event 2022

Doing something really well and then giving God credit for it—-this is the antidote to pride. When you achieve something that you can really feel good about, such cooking muffins for a group of people, serving bowls full of chili to strangers, opening in your home to...

Financial records available upon request Connie Buskohl, CPA at  connie@cbuskohl.com

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