AFTER CANCER AND HEART DISEASE, SUICIDE ACCOUNTS FOR MORE LIVES LOST THAN ANY OTHER CAUSE OF DEATH. Suicide IS Preventable!! – the questions is: do you care enough to make a difference in someone else’s life?


ACT Suicide Intervention is a daylong seminar taught by a master trainer. The concepts taught in Warrior 180 Foundation’s ACT Suicide Intervention Training have life applications that can become a second nature to helping those you come in contact with. The full day of training guides participants thru a hands on and interactive application process giving them an understanding and ownership to apply these lifesaving skills. ACT training is not a lecture series but rather offers individual participation, scenarios and video to keep everyone involved. ACT Training Addresses:

  • Statistics
  • Myths vs Facts about suicide
  • Risk factors to watch for
  • Warning signs to be aware of
  • Safety contracts


Instruction is available for Jr/Sr High students and older, business groups, church groups, veterans’ organizations, schools, law enforcement, social workers, those in the medical field . . . and more. Warrior 180 Foundation is able to trailer this program to your specific group or situation.


For more information, please fill out our online request, or you can contact us via email or by phone.

Phone: 270-925-9873


“Highly beneficial information. ACT is easy to remember and utilize…”

Crystal Howard

Leaders where transparent and real, great training process. This is a class for everyone.

K. McKinnon

“I would recommend ACT training even if someone has had other training. Filled with information and application. This is a teaching everyone can benefit from…”


The workbook provided was very helpful in that we could listen and not be so concerned about writing everything down. I also have something to refer to as needed.

V. Haltgreen

“I would encourage others to get this training to have the knowledge needed to deal with someone at risk …”

B. Bush

I attended simply to receive the CEU’s needed for my job.  I am leaving a better mother, wife, friend, co worker and teacher.  I feel this far surpasses the ‘required’ training I was given for my classroom in the past.


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