REJOICE in the Lord!! Rejoice !- Gal. 5:13-14 For you were called to freedom. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another! For the law is fulfilled in this: You shall love your neighbors as yourself.

I think we can all share how the last almost 20months have tipped and spun our world, our jobs, our lives and daily living out of our normal to this new normal. Warrior 180 Foundation is no different. The schedule of preaching, teaching and outreach was wiped clean in two days as life as we knew it was forever changed by the pandemic. We have not stopped serving and reaching out, but it looks far different than a year and a half ago.

So, we are thrilled and excited to share the changes that are beginning again for the first time in a long time. This Sat Sept 18th is our first ACT Suicide Intervention class. We have diligently researched the latest statistics and for the first time (in the 12 years I has been working with these statistics) three of our major sources of data do not agree on the numbers. The CDC, NIH and AFSP give varying information for 2020. Yet… they all, as expected, show an increase in suicides in all age groups, financial status and ethnicities. We are thrilled to have a full class and expect to offer many more down the road opening the door to everyone we can.

On Friday Sept 24th we are hosting a Star party… we have 86 American Flags ready to retire. I will be cooking spaghetti and sharing videos of some of the activities we (Warrior 180 Foundation) have done in the past. So far looks like a great group of people will participate. We are thrilled to say the least.

October 2nd there is a local event (Autumnfest) that we will have a booth at. We will have all our materials available and a team of prayer warriors to help. This is an all-day event and we would truly covet prayers as we reach out to the greater community about the help we offer and the contacts we will make.

Nov 6th we will be driving the RV (Lydia) in a Veterans day parade… more exposure and handing out information and packets to veterans and military in the crowd.

We believe this is just the beginning and we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the next step in the journey.

One other interesting spin in our lives – God has called me back to school. Yes, you read that correctly – this 58yr old man is heading back to school as a student. (Lord help me!!) I will be spending two years (beginning in Oct) completing my Master Degree in Christian Counseling from Southeastern Seminary. I believe this will only enhance what we are already doing in ministry. (In this I am looking for individuals to commit to lift me up as I step back into a student roll).

Criss has a new role as well (pictures above). She is taking on Puppyraising – let me explain. The little tyke at the top of the page is a part of a PTSD Dog group. Her name is Jonesy (named after a soldier who took his life in Oct in our community). We will house, feed and train Jonsey for the next year preparing her for training for her forever veteran. This next year we will have many doors opened for us to be involved in events with veterans; invitations because we are partnering with Continuing the Mission – a mission in NC that provides service dogs to veterans. We will receive Jonsey Oct 10th (may need prayers for Tigger) and the fun will begin!

We have no doubt the Lord is a part of each step we take. He has not left or forsaken us (or you) in this pandemic change of life. I believe He’s been calling us to be bolder, to stand firm without fear and use every opportunity to share the saving hope, amazing grace and unlimited mercy of Jesus to a world that is lost, seeking, hurting and hopeless.

We have so much more coming down the road but are not able to reveal it at this time, we will continue to wait upon the Lord. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We are blessed to have such an amazing base of support surrounding us.

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