Tonight Jeff got a call from his mother. She and Dave (Jeff’s step dad) were unloading their car and the car next to them had a VETERAN bumper sticker on it. Right there we all have choices to make. Do you step up and talk to them, thank them for their service or do you simply keep about your own business. Lucky for this young lady Dave stepped up and thanked her for her service. This beautiful young lady and Dave started a conversation about how terrible the situation in our country regarding VETS and suicide and she shared that she in fact had already attempted to end her life. Dave shared our vision (actually the Lords vision) for WARRIOR180 and after mom called us, Jeff touched base with this young lady. If you receive our blogs and updates then you have committed to be a huge part of our ministry with PRAYER!! Please lift up M in your prayers. God knows her struggles far better than we do, God has a plan for her life and He has graciously placed Mom and Dave and now us in her path to come along side of her and show Christs love.

Thank you Mom and Dave for being active – for stepping out and reaching out. Again, I don’t believe that your meeting was by chance but by the hand of God. Thank you for your willingness to be available.

Are there people around you who need you to be available to them? Pray for the Lord to open your eyes, ears and heart to those around you who you may have not known are in need.

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