As I sit here each evening, helping my daughter plan her wedding, I am in awe of all the changes that she awaits in her new life. Then I realized each of us have changes in our lives. Some days we are on our knees asking God to help us get through our immediate whatever. While other days, we may be singing praises to the Lord and other times crying out, “Lord, send a miracle!” So, as I am confronted about all the changes that are going on in our lives; stepping out in faith with Warrior180, trying to answer questions daily about – our daughters upcoming wedding, our son living on the road as a trucker (never in the same place twice), where do we get our mail, and the world around us in general. They all speak of changes. I ran across this acronym for the word CHANGE:


How appropriate is that? We need to make a practice of looking at every minute, even every second, as an opportunity for the Lord himself to bless us – better yet, to bless others thru us and our circumstances. With every part of our day a gift from God – is there any better way to look at our lives? Our gifts come to us in phone calls from a loved one, a smile on the street from a stranger, unexpected hugs from little ones while we are busy preparing dinner, a kind word, a small gesture ….the list has no end.

And yet: in all our changes of life there is one promise that will NEVER change, “…never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” Hebrews 13:5.

How encouraging to see our lives changing daily yet with the constant and watchful care of the Lord. As we walk thru our daily changes, we have no fear because we have faith to step out and trust that we are not alone. Not only do we need to trust God with all the changes, but we need to praise Him for these gifts, every second of every day.

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