Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave. So don’t be afraid. The Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go.

We can honestly tell you that we have felt the Lord with us this past week.

Wed, June 24th we were offered the opportunity to visit the Foundation headquarters and Camp Hope. It is a Christ centered organization (much like ours) working in the Houston, TX area.  We were given the opportunity to speak with staff, as well as the Combat Veterans who are currently receiving healing at Camp Hope.

We are encouraged to know what this organization is willing to do to help those in need. We have a confidence and conviction to work harder and help to make it happen.

During our travels, we experienced a powerful, electrical storm as we entered Charlotte, NC. Our plane was held just feet from the gate, until the lightening had stopped long enough for those working on the ground to safely do their jobs. Because of the weather, planes were delayed, over booked, and canceled – chaos in the concourse😊   We were blessed to meet and talk with a precious family and we offered to give up our seats so they could get to get to their next destination.   As God would have it, everyone was able to fly.  The family that we had offered our seats to, felt led to give W180 a gift. Their gift, unexpected and yet so timely, simply overwhelmed us, God is with us EVERYWHERE and He steps in sometimes, face to face with us to remind us, we are not out here alone.

Saturday and Sunday we were invited to the God and Country celebration at Walnut Memorial Baptist Church.  It is amazing, powerful and honoring, to give the Glory to the Lord, who was the bedrock of America’s establishment.  Although it feels as if our government and country have lost sight of this – we still have the freedom to praise the One who still reigns on the thrown!! We enjoyed fantastic music, preaching, fellowship and food, and to top it off an amazing fireworks display.

As the week began we fervently prayed again for the Lord to direct us, all who we come in contact with, all we do and say. Monday night He graced us with a down home, cooked meal, with a precious couple (gold star parents).  What a night – if only we had put out the tape recorder to gather all the ideas, information and directions that the four of us came up with!!! God is involved and so good to us.

As we arrived back in Clarksville and literally pulled out the last bag from the car, Jeff received a call regarding a suicidal soldier – not even two miles from us. Powerful Powerful hand of God went with him, as he spent hours helping this man walk from the darkness. This doesn’t mean he is safe/cured/healed – he still needs prayer.  We have confidence that our Prayer Warriors lift us up daily and along with that, those we encounter each day. We could not do this on our own strength.

What does tomorrow hold?   For us, it is another opportunity to touch hurting lives, to call on those faithful to pray and to educate those around us of the need.

Have you asked the Lord what he wants of you tomorrow?? Be strong and brave, do not be afraid, because you know you are not doing what He has asked of you alone – He will never leave you!

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