We just wanted to send out an update as to what this past week has been for us.

  • Last Sunday Jeff shared about WARRIOR180 at several services
  • Our church family in Owensboro KY hosted a fundraising meal/bakesale/auction
  • Monday morning Jeff flew to Ft Dix to teach Suicide Intervention
  • Monday afternoon Criss signed the papers to sell the house and headed out of town

HUGE Praise!! Thursday morning Jeff spent hours on the phone with a service person who was on the edge of suicide – contact was made because of WARRIOR180 – and we are humbled to say that they are safe and receiving the help that they need!! (just another stone of assurance that this is what we need to be doing)

  • Criss has made it safely to Charlotte, NC where she will be staying until May 10th
  • Friday Jeff returned from Ft Dix and is now “on the road” with our son Logan (long haul trucker) until May 8th
  • We have had several people viewing our web site — we appreciate all of you who have helped us get the word out, we have had several who have liked us on Facebook as well
  • We posted a Ten Fold opportunity (you make a donation and then contact 10 others to do the same).  If you have not participated in this – please pray to see if the Lord is leading your in this.

What is on the horizon?

  • As Jeff travels these next few weeks, he will be making connections with churches, business’ and VA/Vets organizations to reach, teach and speak
  • We have a “possible” meeting to share our missions in NYC on May 26th (more on that at a later date)
  • We are planning on attending the June 29th Ceremonies at the Middle East Conflict Memorial Wall in Marseilles, IL


  • for connections to speak and train
  • for financial support
  • for transpiration needs
  • that the Lord will use our willingness to reach those in need

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