Jeff came and talked to our middle school and high school students. His presentation was great. Many people – most of our students, included –  have family and friends who are/were in the military, but Warrior 180 Foundation isn’t just for soldiers and veterans. Teenagers can benefit from the presentation, too.

He was able to talk to our students about suicide and suicide prevention in a way they could understand without them getting bored or overwhelmed. Some of our students genuinely needed to hear what he had to say, whether it was for themselves or someone they know. It’s an excellent program everyone should hear at least once.

Megan Sederwall – Teacher – Lake Christian Academy (Sunrise Beach, MO)

 Excerpts from another testimony

… I had been praying ever since to be able to help the kids of our community, we were having suicides and attempts every year since 2008.  God answered that prayer when Jeff offered to come to our community to spend a month here helping us heal our community and set up a coalition to help after he would be gone.

… We prayed, set the dates of the visit and he said to fill his calendar. Jeff and Criss were willing to go wherever we line up.  In one month they have taught/spoken in 47 venues.

… Jeff is a master teacher and a compassionate pastor to all.

… If you have an opportunity to invite them to your town do not wait!  You will be blessed, trained, lives will begin healing and to be transformed through Christ!  He is everyone’s pastor and he and Criss are so easy to be around.  Their passion for helping those struggling with PTSD and hurting individuals and for training others to help is so evident.

Joan Murphy – Brandon SD

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