Today we had the opportunity to meet with the CVMA in Clarksville TN. This group of men and women have such a heart for our VETS and jumped on board with Warrior180. This is the group who has cared for our son after his deployments, always available at a moments notice – no questions asked. We shared with them our vision and where we are currently and what our next steps are. The group not only came along side of us but individuals offered support as well. Everyone offered to make connections, contact other groups that need to hear about Warrior180. We truly believe for us to get this going it is going to take networking and this group knows how to network.
We can not thank them enough for not only allowing us to join them today, but the commander and his family fed us last night, opened their home to us and welcomed us warmly to their meeting.

If all our VETS could expierence such great unconditional support what a difference it would make!!
(I apologize for the dated picture but we neglected to take on tonight — wont happen again)

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