I want to send you an update to share with you just a little part of what God has been doing through Warrior 180 over the past several weeks. It is truly amazing the people that we have just “bumped into” that want to know that someone truly cares about them. Below is just a part of their story. We were able to listen to them, share the hope of Jesus, give them resources and pray with them. (I used the first initial of their first name to protect their confidentiality.) Please pray for each of them that they would continue to stay connected to a supportive church, look to Christ to fill the void in their lives and trust in God’s provision. Each encounter for us was truly a blessing!
• L is a 25 year Army Veteran who not travels the country with his wife. He missed the comradery that he experienced with his fellow soldiers.
• G is a veteran of the Army who is very discouraged in life. He is searching for friendship. He spent many years getting “Medicated” after he got out of the Army. He wants to find help for his troubles without the meds.
• C will be going to Navy Basic Training in two weeks. He is anxious and does not know what to expect.
• M is a retired Marine. He wants to be able to mentor and make a difference in the lives of others.
• M is a truck driver and father of a marine. He proudly wears the cap his son wore on his last deployment to Afghanistan. He hopes that there were more who support the military.
• H retired after spending 20 years in the Navy. He now is involved in a Christian motorcycle club.
• M was in the Army Reserves for several years and is not out. She went through times where she felt like taking her life. She is filled with the hope that God has a plan for her.
• J reached out to Warrior 180 and was depressed and suicidal. She now is getting the help and support she needs
• K’s “Papa” was in the Navy for many years. She cannot remember a time that he did not have troubles (PTSD). He goes to the VA at least once a week, but she does not see him getting any better.
• M was very involved with drugs and alcohol. We spent many hours with him. He was finally able to see where his life was headed and that he needed help with his addictions. He also was able to see where he had pushed God away and that God had never left him. This was so very emotional for M. Today he is in treatment receiving assistance that he needs.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support that is keeping us out here to touch the lives of those who are in need. None of what we are doing is of our strength but by the Lord
Matthew 19:26 but Jesus looked at them and said, ‘with man this is impossible; but with God all things are possible’. We are graciously and prayerfully leaning on Jesus, blessed to have been called and eager to see how He will continue to move Warrior180 around our country.

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