What on earth is happening with us??!!

The last message we sent out was CEASE, put it all on hold. We were standing in faith waiting for the Lord to move His hand …

With advisement from our lawyer, Warrior180 LLC was to be dissolved and we had to apply for Warrior 180 Foundation Incorporation. After applying for Warrior180 Foundation Incorporation, we had to submit our 501c3 paperwork.  We had to add the Foundation to our name so we could expedite these proceedings.

October 1st (Thursday night) we signed the paperwork, wrote out the checks and prayerfully placed an envelope in the mail. At that point, all we could do was ‘twiddle our thumbs’ – do nothing with either Warrior180 or Warrior 180 Foundation, for what we were told could be 3-8 weeks.

What on earth would we during this time?

Go visit family! So off we went, we left TN/KY area and headed to South Dakota and Minnesota. (It’s quite cold up here in October!!)

Tuesday Oct 13th we received a call from Ms. Nancy at our church office, that we had gotten a letter from the state. Jeff asked her to open it and read it to us … “the LLC is dissolved AND the INC has been accepted”.   These two things dated October 6th, FIVE DAYS!!! God moved this paperwork thru in FIVE DAYS!!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.

We are amazed (not surprised)!!

At this point we are still up north. Our plan is to continue our travels.  However, now we can connect with people, make calls and begin working again as we travel.  We have all the documentation needed to submit the 501c3 application – that will go into the state by the end of Oct.  This application, the lawyers have said could take up to 8 months … We can hardly wait to see how the Lord moves this.  While this is a pending application, we can still be working, teaching, training, counseling and sharing.

As we move forward – we have been invited to present suicide intervention training to the Owensboro police department.  Pray that the Lord will open doors here and hearts to hear of Him.

November 7-8 we will be in Owensboro for Tommy & Cathy Mullins Kentucky Remembers Veterans 5K.

We thank you always for the prayer for Warrior 180 Foundation and for the lives who will be touched by the Lord.

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